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  • Company Name: Hagihara & Co., Ltd,
  • Founded: Aug, 1892
  • Headquarters: 884 Nishibara, Nishiachi-cho, Kurashiki-City, Okayama, Japan
  • Representative:
  • President: Shinji Ikeura
  • Vice President: Hideyasu Hagihara
  • Capital: US$535,000
  • Employees: 180 (as of Jan, 2017)
Business Outline
We are manufacturer for home furnishing products.Hagihara offers high quality rush products such as Tatami, also high quality home furnishings and high-end home furnishings which is imported from Europe and Asia.Hagihara continuously strives to provide you, with the best values, selection and service in the furniture industry.
Corporate History
1892 Started business mainly by manufacturing figured mats of rush grass fox export to the United States. Designed and equipped hand looms.
Taisho to Showa Period Changed to domestic demand-led operation as a result of limitations on exports due to the First World War.Current tatami carpets for common household use devised during this time and extended the market across the country and expanded business to Hokkaido,Okinawa,Taiwan,Korea,and Manchuria.
1948 Established Hagihara Shoten Company with Fuichi Hagihara as the President.
Second generation Fuichi Hagihara succeeded President following the death of Fuichi Hagihara.Succeded in automating various figured mat looms and implemented modern mass production.
1951 Reorganized into Hagihara Shoten Co., Ltd.
1954 Started full-scale export of figured mats and expanded business to Okinawa,the United States,and Europe.Export destinations extending all over the world excluding nonmarket economies.
1961 Constructed the Mizushima Plant and started operation to manufacture polyethylene yarns as the warp for figured mats.
1964 Changed name of Hagihara Shoten Co.,Ltd to Hagihara & Co., Ltd.
1968 Established a Plant for rush products in Hokubo-cho in Okayama Prefecture.
1969 Established the Okayama Figured Mat Center.
1972 Established Kyushu Hagihara Ltd.
Concluded a rush product distributorship agreement for the whole of China through the JIANGSU HOLLY Corporation. Obtained permission from the PRC government as the only company to handle Chinese-made rush products among Japanese firms.
1977 Inaugurated President Fuichi Hagihara.
1979 Established Jiangsu Rush Product Co., Suzhou,China.
1983 Completed the head office showroom.
1991 Established Hagihara Three-I & Co., Ltd.
Established Hagihara Trading Co.,Ltd.  Hagihara Three-I & Co., Ltd. Established
1994 Completed Hokubo Distribution Center.
1997 Completed Hagihara Distribution Center.
2003 Established Suzhou Hagihara Holly Rush Co.,Ltd.
Completed the new office building of Hagihara Three-i& Co.,Ltd.
2010 Merged the three companies of Hagihara&Co.,Ltd.Hagihara Three-i&Co.,Ltd.and Hagihara Trading Co.,Ltd.
Inaugurated President Kouichi Hida.
2011 Established Seoul Branch.
2013 Inaugurated President Shinji Ikeura.
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